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               the Discipline Inspection Commission 

              the Supervision Department 

              the General Committee Office 

              the Organization Department 

              the Publicity Department

               the News Center of  the Qingdao University Press  

               the United Front Work Department(the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office) 

               the Retired Staff Department

               the General Administration Office

              the Teaching Affairs Department(Zheng Qi College)

              the Science and Technology Department

               the Humanities & Social Sciences Department

               the Federation of Social Sciences

               the Graduate School(the Subject Construction Center)

               the Student Affairs Department

               the Human Resources Department 

               the Development & Planning Department

               the International Exchange and Cooperation Office

               the Admissions Office

               the Financial Department

               the Security Department

               the Auditing Department

               the Laboratory & Equipment Management Department

               the Infrastructure Management Department

               the Logistic Management Department

               the Labour Union

               the Women’s Committee

               the Committee of Communist Youth League

               the Policy Research Center

               Legal Affairs Center


               Archives Room

               Alumni Affairs Office(Qingdao University Secretariat of the Educational Development Foundation)

               East Campus Management Department

               Smart Campus & Information Construction Center 

               Further Education College 

               Overseas Education Center 

               University-run Enterprises 





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